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These prices are subject to change depending on your specific requirements and particulars of the project at hand. Please contact us to discuss your project in more detail.

(Excluding strings) This includes a decent cleaning of the instrument, conditioning the fingerboard, polishing the frets, tightening any loose parts like tuners, strap buttons, output jacks, or pots. After the new strings are on, we adjust the neck for perfect neck relief, adjust the action in the best way suited for the instrument at the saddle and at the nut, and then set the intonation. We also make adjustments to the pickup heights if necessary.

(Excluding strings) This service includes everything previously stated, but before the setup begins, we level the frets, recrown the tops so that they are all round again, and then polish them to a mirror shine for cleaner bends and longer string life.

(Excluding setup) Even if the bridge is only lifting a little, we steam the bridge off completely, clean up both contact surfaces, rejoint the bridge to the top, and re-glue the bridge with hide glue.

This is for one crack and it is R400 for each additional crack.

It depends on a few variables, so please contact us for more accurate pricing.

After discussing the kind of finish you’re looking for, we can discuss different pricing options. Please be aware that refinishes usually take 2-3 months to get a long lasting finish that will protect your guitar for many years to come.

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